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What Are the Pros & Cons Of Article 370 IN Jammu Kashmir?

What Are the Pros & Cons Of Article 370 IN Jammu Kashmir? :- Most of the people wanted the answer to this question and wanted to know what are the pros and cons of Article 370, and is it going to help people of Jammu Kashmir. So currently Mr. Narendra Modi removed Article 370 From Jammu Kashir so a lot of people creating an issue on this why it's got removed, it should not be removed, so now here I will be sharing with you the pros and cons of Article 370 in Jammu Kashmir.


When Article 370 In Jammu And Kashmir People

  • No OutSider Can buy Land In Jammu & Kashmir this is the first things.
  • Local Brand Products are still running over there.
  • Crime Rate Is Low But High In Terrorism.
  • It's next to impossible to establish a business in Kashmir for outsiders, So the citizens of Kashmir get an Advanta here. And there is very less competition and more opportunities for the people of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • The people of Jammu & Kashmir has dual Citizenship.
  • National Flag of J&K is Different than India.
  • Within J&K insulting Indian Flash or National Symbols are not the crime.
  • The Order of Supreme Court of India is not valid within J&K.
  • If A women from J&K married to a man from any other state of India (Mumbai, Delhi Etc) then that woman's citizenship will be terminated. But if they get married to someone of Pakistan then he will get J&K citizenship.
  • IN Jammu & Kashmir RTI is not Applicable.
  • Panchayat does not have rights in Kashmir.
  • There is less competition in the State Medical and engineering exam because non-out sider is not allowed to take up state exams.
  • Poor Education And Low GDP. 
  • Only Muslims Can Become Chief Ministers Of J&K.
  • No Industrial Area (Sector) Available.
  • Youths Enroll Themselves in terrorism for money.
  • Government Hospital conditions are not good and if you wanted to try any other you will get the limited private hospital.

After Article 370 Removed In Jammu And Kashmir

  • Anyone can buy land either he stays in any state of India.
  • New Brand Product is coming.
  • Low Terrorism.
  • New Business establishment and now it will be applicable for everyone, an outsider can also do.
  • Jammu & Kashmir people have now India citizenship.
  • Now Jammu & Kashmir comes In India now there is the same Flag.
  • Now all the Order From Supreme Court will be legally allowed.
  • IN Jammu & Kashmir RTI is applicable.
  • Now there will be tuff competition on Entrance exam because everyone can participate.
  • RTI will be applicable after this. 
  • Education will Increase and GDP will become high. 
  • Youth Will more focus on Study and Jobs.
  • More Private hospital will open and Government hospital will improve. 
So right know this is all that we feel to share with you if you think we missed something then comment below.  and don't forget to share with your friends. 

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