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Mission Mangal Full Movie Details - Akshay Kumar & Vidya Balan

Mission Mangal Full Movie Details - Akshay Kumar & Vidya Balan:- So as in my previous article I shared about Upcoming Bollywood Movie In August which you should watch so now here I will be sharing few things about Mission Mangal Movie which might be going to excite you to watch this movie and make you proud to be an Indian. So most the people don't know anything about the Mission Mangal and nobody knows about that how much problems did they face while working on Mission Mangal because this is one of the difficult tasks they do have to complete and they have to present India in the worldwide.


But we all know that everything is not possible and we don't get anything very easily,  so same happed with this time also and they try their best but however, they are not able to fix the problems but they didn't give up and finally after a lot of tries they did it and finish Mission Mangal which everyone think it's now possible but they did it.

so this movie is related in this and will have a lot of things which you might be don't know about that situation and most of the people are thinking that this movie is not a true story, but actually, Mission Mangal is based on True Story of Indian Scientist and their hard work.

Mission Mangal Full Movie


so this movie is based on True Story as I already mention above now here I will be telling about Mission Mangal movie details which you should know before watching this movie, so this movie is Directed by Jagan Shakti and Produced by Rana Rakesh prithm, Anil Naidu, Prakash Bali, Aruna Bhatia, Vinod Kumar Arora & R. Balki  and this movie is written by R.Balki, Saketh Kondiparthy, Jagan Shakti & Nidhi Singh Dharma. So this movie is releasing on 15th August 2019 and this movie is distributed by Fox Star Studios. 
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