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8 Foods To Increase Your Testosterone Level

8 Foods To Increase Your Testosterone Level


Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and, therefore, is very important for healthy bones and the immune system. Vitamin D is also linked to longer life and testosterone production. The researchers found that low testosterone levels are linked to vitamin D deficiency. Testosterone will mainly focus on men’s health. So, you will probably have to start looking for extra vitamin D.


Tuna Whether canned or fresh, eating tuna is a natural way to boost your testosterone. Tuna is a fish that is very rich in vitamin D, and it is also a high protein food heart health that is low in calories. And if you're not a big fan of tuna, you can consider opting for other sources of vitamin D fish, such as salmon or sardines. But do not worry about fish, because eating too much omega-3 and fatty acids can increase your risk of prostate cancer.


Although not very attractive, egg yolks are an excellent source of vitamin D and are easy to consume. While egg yolks contain more cholesterol than egg whites, egg yolks also contain more nutrients. And cholesterol is not such a bad thing if you are looking to increase your T because it has been linked to increased testosterone. So, as long as you do not have pre-existing cholesterol problems, you can safely eat one egg a day.


Men who have low testosterone should take zinc if they also have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is not only an essential nutrient during puberty, but also helps keep male hormones healthy through adulthood. Oysters are very high sources of zinc, which can help increase your testosterone level.


The king crab comes first with 43 percent of the daily value of zinc in just a three-ounce serving. But if you do not have king crab, an occasional portion of any other variety of crab or lobster will make your testosterone level the greatest good. This is partly due to the high zinc content of the seafood.


Liver-of-beef is an exceptional source of vitamin D, and ground beef and roast mandrel contain zinc. So yes, beef can increase your level of testosterone, but there are health problems associated with over-consumption of red meat, which can be linked to cancer. Choose lean cuts of beef and avoid eating every day.


Black or white, beans are all considered sources of vitamin D and zinc. Baked beans also provide these nutrients, but you will need other sources in your daily diet. Beans offer many health benefits to the Male Hormone and are full of plant proteins that protect the health of the heart.

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