Xiaomi Redmi Flagship Will Launch With Android Q Beta – Confirmed  As we all know that Xiaomi is the one of the most popular band in worldwide and In India, it’s No.1 smartphone. Which provides the best value for products which are an amazing thing but however they are also going to introduce Android Q Beta on Flagship Redmi Devices which is a good thing for Xiaomi Lovers? But as we ass in the Google I/O developer conference they announced that they will be rolling out Android q For 21 devices with 13 different brands. And in this list, Xiaomi Redmi Mi9 and Mi Mix 3 5G Comes.

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But however, we also know whenever Xiaomi Redmi Rolled out any update they having a lot of bugs or you can say issues in the devices which slow down the device and sometimes it start heating and few more things. But let see when they release this updates and what all will be going to happen with these devices, but currently, they are starting with just two flagship devices and in future, it will be going to available for few more devices.  

Xiaomi Redmi Flagship Will Launch With Android Q Beta

AS you can check out the above image Redmi Gm Lu Weibing shared images to say that these devices will be getting the latest Android Q beta update and device I already mentioned, the specification of both devices are almost going to same if we talk about the processor then it will be Snapdragon 855 Chipset and the display will be 6.39inches Full HD Plus will be coming with the 48MP Camera sensor.  But few people must be thinking that might be this smartphone will be going to come in Stock for those it’s sad news that these devices will be coming with only on MIUI OS which is Redmi own OS and loved by a lot of people.