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Top 3 Best Features In Android Q Beta (3) For Google Pixel

So just Google released Android Q Beta and this having amazing features which you will be going to like most and I selected just top these and very soon I will be sharing all the top features of Android Q which will also be going to help you out before you upgrade your Operating system. So as per the rumor, a lot of things was revealed but here you will be getting all the latest updates and news about Android Q Beta Update. So let’s started.

Dark Mode Android Q


As per a lot of rumor that the dark mode will be there so now here they released dark mode in their Android Q Beta 3 Update which is actually amazing when you use that. And this is just making your phone dark and your entire UI will convert in DARK mode. It was rumored since Android Oreo Was coming that Dark Mode will be coming but now finally they released update and it will be really nice.  But very few people know about that in the Android Nougat Beta they released Dark Mode and removed within few days because it was not optimized for all the OS or you can say UI so know they released it will fully optimized and now it’s working properly.

Force Dark Mode On Third-Party Apps

Android Q Force Dark Mode

As all apps don’t support dark mode and so here they also have the best thing which Force-Dark mode and in this option your device automatic covert that application on dark  mode and then they all work in the dark mode, but for doing this you have to open developer option in your Smartphone and then you have to go to phone setting > System>Developer >Override Force Dark just enable this option and you are ready to go.

Navigation Changes

Android Q Navigation Feature

So sometimes we wanted to change the navigation but we are not able to change that because we don’t have any option but however in this update you will be getting top 3 options which you wanted to use FULLY GESTURAL (in this option you can only use gesture like as swipe up for more screen etc.) 2-button Navigation and 3button navigation so these are the 3 Navigation changes.
So these are the top 3 option which I like most I will share all the features of Android Q very soon.

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